Ocean Exports Australia - Supplying chilled and frozen Eastern King Prawns, Western King Prawns, Red Spot King Prawns, Endeavour Prawns, Banana Prawns, Queensland Scallops, Coral Trout, Gold Band Snapper, Flame Snapper, Barramundi Cod, Whiting sillago, Blue Swimmer Crabs, Mud Crabs, Morten Bay Lobsters and Spanner Crabs.
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Supplying the highest quality seafood products to our Customers
caught in the clean seas of Australian waters.

About our Company

Queensland Scallop Raw Meat, frozen raw scallop meatOcean Exports Pty Ltd started trading in 1998 as a wholesale and export company with a commitment to supplying the highest quality seafood products to their customers, that has been caught from the clean seas of Australian waters.

With over 30 years experience in handling and marketing of all types of seafood we have the confidence and the commitment to deliver the highest quality seafood to our current and new customers around the world.

We believe that we have the ability to supply our seafood items at competitive prices due to our ability to purchase directly from our own fisherman.

The person who does the selling and marketing of our seafood items also does the purchasing and checking of the product, to ensure that each shipment is of the highest quality.

A full assessment is completed on all of our seafood products before being purchased; we follow the strict guidelines of the Commonwealth of Australia Processed Food Orders. We also follow our own guidelines of making sure that every seafood item we handle is the best quality possible.

Any product that does not meet our strict guidelines is rejected without question and will not go into the export chain again.

Our Principal Business Philosophies are:

  • Freshness

  • Consistency

  • Reasonable Price

  • No contamination.

We are looking forward to developing a trade relationship with both new and old customers on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

We strongly believe that Ocean Exports Pty Ltd has become an excellent and long lasting seafood company.




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